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Flashgate 2

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:01 am

So I had a great idea for a follow up to Flashgate, even though I haven't even finished it yet. It will be set in the Pegasus galaxy (hence Flashgate: Pegasus), and I've already gotten the basic structure of the game worked out. I'm changing several game mechanics to make it a lot more interesting and offer different gameplay style.

I already have a few sprites for it, but it will be quite a long time before I'm ready to work on it anyway, so for now it's all theoretical (thought I'd very much like to follow through with it).

Since it will be set during the Wraith-Lantean War, the focus will be on those two races, though other races will include the Asurans (Pegasus Replicators), the Vanir (Pegasus Asgard/Lost Tribe) and the Human coalition (name pending, will consist of the likes of Travellers). The Wraith will also be split up into multiple 'factions', each with their own ships that have slightly differing stats (one faction might have more powerful hulls, another might have faster ships etc.) and each vying for domination.

There is still much to work out, but I really do have some fantastic ideas to make this game very unique and a great follow up.


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